Kristen Stewart makes the Road choice

Kristen Stewart gets into the best role of career probably.


This woman really needs to be respected to take up the role on the film adaptation of On The Road. The film will be directed by Walter Salles. By her entry in the film it is sure to get the right kind of distribution.

The film will be beginning shooting in August and it will be relatively small 25 million dollar budget. The budget is sufficient for all the travels taken up by these men.

The film will be distributed by Focus Features and the European rights have been taken over by MK2. The film will be shot in black and white to get the right look of the book. It was a great for Walter Salles to get the rights of the novel from Francis Ford Coppola.

The actress Kristen Stewart will play Mary Lou, the child bride of Neal Cassady surrogate Dean Moriarty, who will be played by Tron Legacy and Friday Night Lights star Garrett Hedlund. There is also a chance that Sam Riley playing lead Kerouac surrogate and protagonist Sal Paradise though nothing has been confirmed on this front.

On The Road is a semi biographical work from Kerouac that follows his spontaneous road trips with friends across 50’s America in the pursuit of self knowledge and experience. Plenty of filmmakers have tried their hand at adapting the book over the years, but most have fallen by the wayside until now with Focus Features and Zoetrope production set to go in front of the cameras this summer.

Stewart is perfect for the role after seeing her in Adventureland and Into the Wild. She is really capable of making mark in this industry. Once she gets over the horrible Twilight franchise. This will be a supporting unforgettable role.

Salles has been sitting on this project for five years. But his patience has paid off. No one can really forget his work on Motorcycle diaries. So if he doesn’t take it up no one really can.

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