There have been loads of stories being followed in the past year that have somewhat fizzled out at the point of production. This is another one of those weird stories. After A Serious Man the Coen brothers are still thinking of adapting one of their older scripts called Gambit.

Gambit will be a 1966 heist drama that will be produced by Mike Lobell. Gambit began its formation back in the No Country For Old Men days. Bo Welch was said to be rewriting the final draft for the brothers with an eye towards directing it himself.

Mike Lobell is still trying to get the film off the ground again after it was thrown out for no apparent reason. The film has still not got any official backing or director to make it.

This film will be a remake of the old film starring Michael Caine, Shirley MacLaine and Herbet Lom. Here is a mini synopsis of what to expect in this film.

Ideal and reality clash in this humorous tale of the heist that could have been. As scheming career cat burglar Harry Dean (Michael Caine) prepares to steal a priceless statue from the world’s richest man, he seeks out the assistance of Eurasian showgirl Suzy Chang (Shirley MacLaine). Though the likable rogue’s plan seems foolproof as he conveys the details to his partner Ram (Robert C. Carmel), the execution proves a detailed study in Murphy’s Law. Constantly reinventing the plan as his originally ideal spirals ever more out of control, it seems as if Harry’s heist is destined to fail.