Jim Carrey has been in trouble after his last film is still in limbo for months now. He will be having another starring vehicle in Mr. Popper’s Penguins. It will be modernization of the classic tale. Mark Waters has actually jumped on board for this one.

The book tells the story of a poor house painter who dreams of exploring the Arctic, and even sends out letters to actual explorers. One day an explorer reads his letter on a radio broadcast, adding that he’s sent Mr. Popper a surprise in the mail: a pet penguin. Over time, the penguin grows lonely, prompting Mr. Popper to order a female penguin from a zoo. Then, the penguins mate and Mr. Popper is left with 12 penguins. This is when things get a little messy.

The concept sounds really interesting, but under the roof of Hollywood there will be an over simplification of many of books central themes. In the new version Mr. Popper does not get the six penguins, causing his life to turn upside down. Popper comes to slowly understand the importance of family through the course of the film.

The whole film will look quite silly upon release. So you tell us what you think must change in the new story?