There have been a lot of successful Soccer movies out there in the last couple of years. Here is a small list of them Shaolin Soccer, Kicking and Screaming and Bend it Like Beckham. Soccer has still not got enough coverage. The sport will have a new face in Gerard Butler. He will be starring in a Soccer movie called Slide. It is certainly going to be silly, but we like to talk silly at times.

The film is going to be based on a script by Robbie Fox. He is known for his comedic flare. Director Gabriele Muccino will be making the film. It will be the first time the director will be attempting comedy, which focuses on a troubled father trying to make up for lost time by coaching his son’s team who finds himself in hot water after some of the local mothers take a little too much of a shine to him. It is such a typical film that needs to find a studio.

It is just going to be another Lady Killer movie disguised as a sports film. There has still to be some scope for the inner sports fan out there. Tell us what you think of this idea.