Sandra Bullock has been working to get this project out there. Now she will be aided by George Clooney to make this project something special. George Clooney also has several other projects in the pipeline including a planned directorial venture with Ryan Gosling.

Deadline has just confirmed that George will be replacing Robert Downey Jr. who had to get out of the project Gravity due to schedule conflict. Clooney and Sandra Bullock will play the sole survivors of a space station crash.

Alfanso Cuaron will be working on the film after his last film Children of men was loved by critics and audiences around the world. The production will begin in late April or May and will also give Sandra Bullock enough time to get into shape for the role.

Sandra’s character will be in the spotlight, lone, for most of Gravity, with the goal of returning home to her young daughter fueling her fight for survival. Clooney takes on the role of the space station team leader who also manages to dodge the wrath of an exploded asteroid that destroys the site both characters are working on.

This will be something to watch out for in the coming weeks. We really can’t wait for a trailer to come out soon for this one.