Frances Mc Dormand gets busy with Secret

Frances McDormand gets her paycheck and makes her own movies.

Frances McDormand will be working overtime now after she was picked up for Transformers 3. She will be producing something for HBO and a film for Nicole Holofcener. It is called Every Secret Thing. Every Little Secret is a standalone thriller from the famed crime writer Laura Lippman.

The books are based on the character Tess Monaghan. The plot involves a detective investigating two children who may or may not have killed two babies across seven years, and boasts a script from Nicole Holofcener, who Francis is already had some good experiences with.

Holofcener will not be directing the film and McDormand will only be a producer. So it will have a really good cast as well. Diane Lane will be taking the lead role. It is going to be a rewarding project.

McDormand is also working in Olive Kitteredge, an adaptation of a Pulitzer Prize winning novel by Elizabeth Strout, which she is producing as a potential series on HBO. The novel, which follows thirteen interlinked stories in a Maine fishing village and has the feel of an Altman story. It is being written for HBO and will be written by Jane Anderson. McDormand will play the titled character in the TV series.

Frances has also the film with Sean Penn that will be something worth waiting for.

Source: Deadline

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