First Cut: Miranda July in her next film The Future

Miranda July comes back with The Future.

It has been almost five years since Miranda July has come to the screen with a film. Her last film was the indie and critical hit called Me and You and Everyone We know. It is one of those rare films that came out and captured the imagination of many people for its honesty.

Her latest project is called The Future. It was called Satisfaction for a while. The film will be produced by Britain’s Film 4 and MK2. So it will be a good production taking of this film and the maker. So there will be a lot of atmospheric moments that will play on us like the other films of major players. There will be also some interesting symbolism also playing out at various quarters.

Here is a synopsis for the film

Sophie and Jason is a couple of some years now and they live together. They are happy, dreamy, hipster like and poetic world. One day while wandering in a Crafts Bazaar, they buy the portrait of a little girl made by her own father. For reasons almost beyond her own comprehension Sophie begins to stalk and follow the man, polar opposite to her taste, and the deeper her involvement becomes, the more her and Jason’s lives are turned upside down.

Characer actor David Warshofsky will play the Father named Marshall, Isabella Acres will play his daughter and that will be most of the cast. Now there has been a change of the DP as well to Nikolai Von Graevenitz.

“We haunt ourselves, Googling our own name, perpetually clicking on search,” July told IndieWire about the story and its characters. “Because if we’re always searching then we never have to notice that we’ve found it, we’re there, this is really it.”

The film has been acquired for distribution in the US through Match Factory. We will give you a release date soon.

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