Everyone wants to join Denzel Washington in Safe House

All the young stars of this generation want to join Denzel Washington in his next film.

Shia Labeouf, Chris Pine, Zac Efron, Channing Tatum, Ryan Reynolds are all vying for a chance to work with Denzel Washington in Safe House. This projects has to be something to get such interest for the film.

Here is a small synopsis of what to expect from this thriller.

Reynolds is becoming front runner for the role. So we can all just pack this film after i post this last post on it.

The thriller was scripted by David Guggenheim. It will be directed by Daniel Espinosa. He will be making his English language debut. The plot revolves around the only surviving agent of an attack on a CIA safe house as he tries to get a lethal prisoner to a second safe house before being taken out by violent forces that want them both dead. Washington is already confirmed to play the prisoner in the film


This craze for this action role is just really silly. The race will be futile if finally Ryan Reynolds gets it.

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