After seeing in Zombieland it was really surprise a film which I most likely would have hated made me give it a chance because of Emma Stone. She really has nothing but sex appeal and there is no need for her even to act in her films if she stands their doing nothing. She is trying to do silly teenage comedies to make sense of all things around her.

The trailer of Easy A above is really off putting. It is all a tease actually and nothing really materializes from all this. It is trying to comment on society but really falls flat. Fake wild sex parties, booze all night and one stupid wannabe slut; this is what you get in Easy A. It will be a huge waste of time. But for all those people who want to get some moral education please look the other way.

The story revolves around Olive who is a high school looser who wants to be something. So she concocts this big hoax where she turns into an adulteress and wears a badge for it. This is the perfect tease of our generation they will easily lap this rubbish. They are also trying to use the Scarlett Letter as an example that makes it even worse. This film feels like it is mocking the audience brains. To make it more audience friendly the parents are played by Patricia Clarkson and Stanley Tucci. They call Olive a high end stripper for governors or athletes. Really Hollywood really needs a break for at least 3 years.