David Cronenberg has been going through a lean phase with lots of actors getting away from his projects. He is not really sure which direction to go to for some time now. So here is a good sign for him. There are plans for him to take up the adaptation of Jonathan Lethem’s novel titled As She Climbed across the table.

Screenwriter Steve Zaillian will be producing the film. Cronenberg will likely be working on the script of the film which is a good and a bad thing. He had a small mess of the movie Naked Lunch. The novel is a difficult read and it will be good in the hands of David’s demented mind.

Particle physics, false vacuum bubbles, an alternate universe–this is the stuff of Jonathan Lethem’s novel As She Climbed Across the Table. The tale echoes Alice in Wonderland in its mad tumble through a rearranged reality. Narrator Phillip Engstrand is a university professor who has made a career out of studying academic environments. Engstrand is in love with Alice Coombs, a particle physicist engaged in a bold attempt to replicate the origins of the universe. The result of the experiment is Lack, a very selective black hole that sucks some things into its void–a cat, a pair of socks, a strawberry–and rejects others, namely, a love-struck Alice. As Alice’s unrequited obsession with Lack grows, Phillip becomes so desperate to save his beloved from this empty rival that he risks a journey down the metaphysical rabbit hole.

There are already a handful of projects in David Cronenberg’s hands. So it will not a be a good sign unless he chooses to take on one at least.