Dakota Fanning as New Age Rock Star

This is for the Twilight fans all those women who seem to have sort of lost it.


Let all the Mosh Pits be filled with Twilight teeny fans. There is this mad rush when one sees two young women jumping around a stage and screaming their guts out. But to a certain extent it might just get weary and commonplace. After several missteps in her career Dakota Fanning seems to be riding on a wave with her performance in the Runaways.

There is a video of both Dakota and Kristen to the tune of Cherry Bomb below.

Where did Dakota really come from?

She was famous for her role in the Steven Spielberg series Taken. It took lot of people by surprise on what she was capable of. But it was in I Am Sam people took not of this bundle of talent. She doesn’t really work too hard on her characters but there is understanding that far surpasses her age.

Now she is going all out to show her musical talent. But the film does works on the clichés of the genre. The Runaways is directed by Floria Sigismondi and takes us into the world of Teenage rock stars. They are most of the time sexually charged because of the situations they put themselves through. Some might say this is the role that will take Dakota to new frontiers. But it is mostly locked in the world of to the point stars. The scurrility probably does really come through because of the heavy handedness of the director. But Dakota seems to looking out for roles that will push her to the adult market. The puritans of this horrible market won’t really push her beyond her limits.

It is really about time where we see works like Shutter Island that really push the boundaries of filmmaking. At time it might be safe to say that Martin seems a little old for this game. But he still takes his time with all the details. It would be nice to see what he would do to the new generation of stars like Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart.

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These women are creating their own niche. Not really giving much thought of their image. But this so called liberation needs to mature and feel more real and current to stand the tests of time. Unlike Dakota, Kristen is still stuck with her Twilight image which is absolutely difficult to wear out. But her characters outside the Twilight “zone” like for instances Adventureland, Into the Wild and several other upcoming movies shows a lot of frustration. But this needs to be a little more restraint for her to get past this somber vampire lusting image. The Runaways doesn’t really do much to eclipse her career no pun intended. It just clearly gives derivatives and a chance to see more American talent sift to the growing numbers.

On the other hand Dakota has done very few missteps but there is surely going to be a fall into this mold. Dakota’s motives might be sincere but her actions don’t mirror that. We are left feeling detached by both the characters played by these upcoming stars. Over here there is no open challenge to the validity of the teen star. It won’t lead to a confrontation with Miley Cyrus. But the polarizing influence of peers does lead to misconstrued logic of independence.

Nothing is really expected of these young starts at this junction. But when the time comes will they be able to shoulder the natures and mannerisms of more deep characters. One actor who will still remain in the singular mold is Haley Joel Osmont. Where has that young man disappeared? Probably he will show an uncharacteristic growth akin to Jackie Earle Haley. We will have to wait and watch.


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