Clive Owen to star in Protection next

Clive Owen will be next posted as a disgraced Special Ops guy.


Clive Owen really put his heart on his sleeve for his last film called The Boys are back. His next film has had loads of changed in front and behind the camera. It is called Protection. Simon West the original director is out to make way for Patrick Alessandrin who is known for his work on B:13 Ultimatum. The other good news is the exit of Paul Walker from the film.

The new team will be working with screenwriter Brandon Noonan’s script. The lead character is a disgraced former Special Forces soldier who takes on Mexican gangs in an attempt to rescue a judge’s daughter.

This will be something to watch out for because of the sheer talent that is associated to the project. Clive Owen is already familiar with some uncanny action roles like Shoot ‘Em Up and also the recent sinister The International. This new film might just turn out to be the Taken for Clive Owen next year when Protection comes out.

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