Her characters have been really worked on in the last couple of years. In this new film with Joe Wright called Hanna Cate Blanchett looks exquisite. She will star alongside Eric Bana who also looks like the older part he played in Munich. This is going to be an action film of a different kind. The title character will be played by the current toast of Tinsletown Saorise Ronan.

The film will show Cate Blanchett play Maria, a C.I.A agent chasing Hanna’s father played by Eric Bana. Her father is also an AWOL agent who has been in hiding for years, raising Hanna in the Swedish wilderness. Now the father of the household will be played by Niels Arestrup.

The film has started lensing in Berlin and it will be a cross Europe affair spanning several other countries like Finland, Bavaria and Morocco. This film will be in the same vein as the popular yet thoughtful Bourne series. Here is a plot summary:

After you read you will want to watch.

Hanna at a small age is trained to be an assassin. Her father trained to have the stamina, the strength and the brains of a soldier. He trains her in the wilderness of Sweden. After that she just can’t live the normal life of a teenager. Her father then sends her out on a mission to retrieve some information. She goes through the cities of Europe stealthily. But the moment she reaches the end of her mission various questions on her existence begin to plague her and many revelations are revealed.

The film is already picked up by Focus Features and will be released by the end of this year. But please don’t miss coverage of the shoot in the next couple of weeks.