Brad Bird is one of the key figures in many of the interesting stuff happening in animation like The Incredibles and Ratatouille. His work has been awarded at the Oscars. Now he will try an attempt his first live action film Mission Impossible 4. They have been trying to get Tom Cruise on board. But he might not be part of this one.

Tom Cruise and J.J. Abrams have signed on to produce this one. Brad Bird has really beaten out the competition with the likes of Edgar Wright and Ruben Fleischer trying their luck on this franchise.

The final deal has not been inked because of the issue of pay for Brad Bird. Most of the films he works with take 3 years to make. So there is a lot of work that goes behind it. It also means he will have got a better pay packet for the film in order to leave his beloved animated world.

Now they are trying to lock in on the price of Brad Bird. They are trying to work out a better price for Brad Bird. But the thing is it will be difficult to convince him. It will be a serious lift for the franchise if he is part of it. There will be some really good set pieces.

One of the biggest problems for a film of this magnitude is to get the locations for the film. They have already set a release date of May 27 th 2011. So there will be a lot of time spent on the pre production.

Brad Bird will be the best man for the job. His story telling abilities will be tested in this limited playground of Mission Impossible 4.

The story has been kept under wraps and no one is really willing to reveal whether Tom Cruise will be part of the proceedings.