Anton Yelchin will act in Beaver

Anton Yelchin will play the son of Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster.

YelchinI know this might sound funny. But it is true Jodie foster’s next film is called that. Not sure where she came up with it. But if it flops people can surely have fun with it.

The film stars Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster. So it is probably a good thing for Anton Yelchin who has been lucky playing horrible characters this year. He played the horrible 17 year old navigator Pavel Chekov in Star Trek. He was also seen as the rusty teenager in Terminator Salvation. But it is his work as Charlie Bartlett that has got him all the eyeballs.

So coming back to the Beaver, Yelchin plays the son of Gibson and Foster’s characters. Gibson finds solace by wearing a beaver hand puppet. Foster will play the wife in this divorce drama that will not echo of Kramer vs Kramer. Jennifer Lawrence will also be seen in the film. The script is written by Kyle Killen. So we will hope for the best for this one. Hopefully no unintentional Beaver jokes in the future Mad magazines.

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