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EnglishpatientIt has taken sometime for another adaptation of Michael Ondaatje’s novels. I still can’t get over the beauty of Anil’s Ghost. But this book is about the birth of Jazz in Louisiana Called Coming Through Slaughter. Seriously who can forget The English Patient written with such grace that it at times makes you forget the movie alas Kristen Scott Thomas was there to save it.

The book was optioned by Paul Maslenky way back in 2006. It is book about the life of Jazz legend buddy Bolden. The screenplay got the green light from the author. It tells the life story of Bolden, who was a formative influence on Louis Armstrong and other greats.

The talks of the film started to get going during the Venice Film Festival. So it has taken hell a lot of time to come on the big screen. But with the writings of Michael you really can’t go wrong with this one. It will take time to find out who will helm this surely well written script.