Abbie Cornish is really excited to play part in the Madonna directed film called W.E.. The film already stars Vera Farmiga in a main role.

W.E. will feature parallel narratives centering on the affair between King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson which led to the royal’s abduction as well as a contemporary story following a woman, Wally Winthrop, with romantic problems of her own, in addition to an obsession with the life of the Duchess of Windsor.

Cornish has slowly filled her slate with some really interesting work in the past couple of years. Vera Farmiga is also close to sign a deal for this film. She will play the Duchess though, both actresses participation is still dependent of who is cast in the two male lead roles. Madonna is looking to complete that casting in the following weeks in L.A. and London for the respective roles of a Russian security guard, who will play the adulterous partner of Cornish’s Winthrop and of cource King Edward VIII himself.

But it is Madonna that everyone is afraid of. She really doesn’t have a body of work per se. She has a good eye for talent. The film will be based on the script by her and Alex Keshishian. The shooting for the film will star in summer in London with short stints in New York and the south of France.