Ralph Fiennes is set to direct his second featurefilm, The Invisble Woman, based on the 1990 book by Claire Tomlain of the same name, which looks at the relationship between author Charles Dickinson and actress Ellen Ternan over the last 13 years. The project will be another film that needs able hands for an adaptation. Ralph Fiennes has already finished work on his last film and is over the Harry Potter series. So he is finally free to do whatever he wants for the next couple of years.

He is now meeting up with actresses who will play the lead. He has been looking at actresses like Abbie Cornish, Imogen Poots, Felicity jones and Talking Films favorite Carey Mulligan.

The film will be scripted by Abi Morgan. The orginal books charts the relationship between Dickens and Ternan. Ralph Fiennes will not be acting in this film. This is a good turn because he will want someone young to play the role of Dickens in the film. Tell us what you think of his casting choices and his new vocation.