A Big screen adaptation of The Sweeney

Michael Fassbender going to make life a living hell for The Sweeney.

The Sweeney is a violent, fast paced cop show that briefly revolutionized the genre in the UK. The film will follow the no nonsense, heavy drinking, womanizing pair of Jack Regan and George Carter, member of London’s Flying Squad, which specializes in armed robbery and violent crime.

There were two big screen versions of the film and it was a huge hit. One of the big influences it has had on TV was Life on Mars. There is another film version in the pipeline. The British director Nick Love is set to write and direct the new film.

Ray Winstone is set to play Regan and Michael Fassbender will play Carter. This is like a casting coup and will be something to watch out for. There are a lot of people in line to do this role. Ray Winstone will be an easy fit for this role and Michael Fassbender will surely not make this easy viewing. This will be one of the most anticipated films coming out next year.

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