Zac Efron offered lead in Akira remake

Zac Efron will be turning away from his cute beginnings.

The buzz around this will jump up a bit with the offering of the starring role for the live action remake to Akira to Zac Efron. He was last seen in the horrible Charlie St. Cloud and 17 again. He has been offered the role in Warner Bros remake of Akira. This will be an epic two part adaptation and has been in the work for years. The Hughes Brothers have been called upon to direct the film. It will be a done deal if Zac Efron joins the production.

There have been huge changes from the original script by Albert Torres and has been altered a bit from the original anime/manga. They will need a powerful actor to take on the role of Tetsuo, but Zac can easily take on the role of Shotaro Kaneda. The future of the original film was something that might interest the Hughes brothers. The gang’s leader played hopefully by Zac Efron must find a way to stop the destruction he is about to cause.

This will be big change for the actor who has been trying hard to get away from his sappy love story image for the last couple of years. So he might finally get his chance this time round.

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