This should just be stopped. I think the studio executives should just start work on a stop motion remake of Akira as well.

The director of horrible films like Orphan and the recent Unknown will working on the new film. The cast of the film is still not on the cards. So there will be a lot of work in the coming weeks to get this project green lit.

Collett-Serra is a relatively new director who was able to maintain some of the suspence in his last film. The Liam Neeson thriller Unknown also met with some critical success for the sensability of the film.

The main actors in contention to take on the title role is Michael Fassbender, Garrett Hedlund, Joaquin Phoenix, chris Pine and Justin Timberlake. The rest of the cast will be Andrew Garfield, James Mavoy and Robert Pattinson who are also in contention. Tell us what you think this ridiculous news.