Worth Watching – Brief Interview with Hideous Men Trailer

Check out the trailer for John Krasinski's Directorial debut.

Hideous Men

Apple has just released the first trailer for John Krasinski’s directorial debut titled “Brief Interview with Hideous Men“.

I won’t say that I was blown away or anything from the trailer but there is something in this movie that makes me want to see it for sure. The movie revolves around a grad student (Juliane Nicholson) who goes around interviewing men to find their real nature just after her own recent break-up. The trailer makes you think that its an indie flick, but it just doesn’t seem that way. John Krasinski seems to have a done a phenomenal job as a debutant director and to direct a movie based on a book that seems impossible to adapt makes his effort look even more outstanding.

Check out the trailer below.

[flv:https://talkingfilms.net/wp-content/trailers/briefinterviews-trailer.flv https://talkingfilms.net/wp-content/trailers/briefinterviews-trailer.jpg 545 300]

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