KellyShe is known for her minimalist approach to films like Old Joy (A film I couldn’t take my eyes off) and the sweet yet humble Wendy and Lucy. Both of these films included her unique style of taking up the subjects of her interest. So for her to jump into the western might just be a welcome arrival for the genre.

So everyone from beloved followers Todd Haynes are getting geared up for this one.

Kelly’s approach, she really has intimate advisors. Todd Haynes is one. I’ve been one. Mike Ryan. Just people that she goes to. She very much wants to talk things out. She always asks for counsel. And yet of course she’s extremely strong-headed and has her own course to follow. I think she knows and truly believes that the only way she wants to make movies is in an extremely organic fashion. A lot of the things I’ve talked about, we aesthetically share.She’s making a Western now, and she’s off building the characters,” Fessenden told the A.V. Club. “It’s still a no-budget movie, but she’s got artisans on board to help her and fulfill that vision. I know the movies she loves and the actors she loves, like Warren Oates. Something about a truth that’s in the films. You know, she’s not a snob. She likes Hitchcock and Sergio Leone. She likes a lot of the great entertainments. But she can smell bullshit a mile off. And she chooses to avoid it, even though she’s had a certain amount of success. (Playlist)

This is surely going to be something probably in the lines of films she has come to love. But we are not still certain about the approach to the film. Hopefully it turns into one of my favorite westerns of all time The Proposition. But it will be the budget that will determine the style she will employ.