Transformers trying to get the crowds by casting

Transformers is trying to explore some human interest. God knows what that even means.

The film had all but lost hope after its horrible showing in its sequel. It was like fodder to the cows and not to humans. So now with the news of Transformer 3 in the works it is getting dicey to bring in the crowds. Nothing really works on the audience except great casting. But it is still very much a blur when you think of it.

So this film needs to get its act straight thoroughly and not just depend on the star power of Shia Labeouf and the oaf Megan Fox. Some of the older cast members will be joining like Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson and Kevin Dunn will return for this on.

Now there is an addition of cast for various quarters of the audience. For the ladies there will be Patrick Dempsey. For the older thinking men we have the worn out John Malkovich. Now the far eastern audiences will have Ken Jeong. Then Frances McDormand will grace the film with god knows what really. Then the rest of the foolish returning cast like Jamie Kennedy, Alan Tudyk and John Turturro.

This would mean we will be getting a longer film than the last one. Loads of people walking out half way through the film: this film will probably concentrate on the characters who really didn’t make any sense before and nothing is really going to change that now.

So the question of the human element lacking in the second film will be answered to some squeamish acts by the added cast. So thank you Michael Bay for trying to make us want to see you but it won’t really stand a chance.

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