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The new film starring Nicole Kidman has garnered some good praise at the Toronto Film Festival. We have been closely watching this film for signs of what might be of this expected film. The film is directed by the fertile mind of John Cameron. He is known for his work on films like Shortbus and Angry Itch.

Nicole Kidman is getting all the good reviews for this film. She has really come a long way from all the wrong choices and the studios taking over some of her films and making a mess out of it. So here is her crowning glory once again.

Rabbit Hole tells the story of a happy couple whose lives are disrupted by the untimely death of their child. The film will be a beautiful allegory to the family as an institution and how it breaks into shreds at the face of tragedy. The film also stars Aaron Eckhart.

Check out the two clips and tell us what you think.