Trailer Watch: Little Fockers

This time around the characters look weary of each other.

The new trailer really shows us that this film is missing out on Dustin Hoffman. It will really bore the audiences this time around. The jokes on the characters last name still ringing throught this new entry in the franchise and look tired.

Ben Stiller will play Greg Focker and his name will probably the least funniest thing by now. The film also stars Robert De Niro. We really took our time to put this trailer because it looked silly. Robert plays Jack Byrnes is now ready to pass his duties to his son in law Greg reluctantly. The dignity is thrown outside the window this time around as well.

The rest of the cast includes Teri Polo, Owen Wilson, Barbara Streisand and the studios are still working on a Dustin Hoffman reprisal. Laura Dern will play a family therapist, Jessica Alba is also thrown into the mix. Harvey Keital has a small role as well. These people seem to be in for the nice pay cheques.

This time around it is directed by the man behind the second Twilight film. So this really can’t get any more worse. Meet the Parents was annoying and this one is not at all funny.

So it will be really difficult to watch this one when it comes out. Check out the trailer and tell us what you think.

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