Trailer Watch: Chiara Mastroianni in Making Plans for Lena

Another Family Drama is out from France. They seem to make several of these type films in the last couple of years.

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Chiara Mastroianni is one of our favorite actresses. We got to see her in Christmas tale and she was a dream in that role. Here she is once again in another beautiful role in the new film directed by Christophe Honore.

His last couple of films is favored among critics and audience alike. Love Songs is his last film released in 2007 and now he is ready with his second called Making Plans for Lena. The film will be out in New York and also in Video on Demand . It will also star Louis Garrel and Jean Marc Barr. It tells the story about a woman in the midst of familial discord (akin to films like A Christmas Tale and Summer Hours) and an affair while trying to find her place in the world. I think all they have left behind in many of the recent French Films seems to creep in this film.

Here is a small synopsis for the film.

As soon as she gets to the Gare Montparnasse, things start to go wrong for Lena: she loses her son Anton and just misses her train. In her bag, the baby magpie that her daughter Augustine wanted to save is slowly dying. On arriving in Brittany, she discovers that her parents and sister are plotting together for her good and have summoned her ex-husband, Nigel. She feels betrayed, humiliated and disgusted. Should she leave or stay? Send everything packing? Her limited self-confidence begins to evaporate.

The film seems to be like any other French film in last couple of years. So it will be hard for the director to make a real difference with this film.

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