Tom Cruise does the Impossible again

Tom Cruise is all set to lock and load for Mission Impossible 4


I m really not sure how many people are really going to be excited about this but I still m a fan of the series. The last film was really well done with some really good action set pieces.

But Tom Cruise seems to have outgrown the role in the last couple of years. He will be reprising Ethan Hunt and JJ Abrams might take up the director’s chair once again. The film will be called Mission Impossible 4 there was not going to be a change in that for sure.

Ethan Hunt will be the main star of the film. There won’t be a new spy in the making. Tom Cruise is not that old I guess to stop doing those stunts which he is famous for. The film is expected to begin shooting in Summer 2010 and we expect to see the film release next year around Memorial Day 2011.

Abrams has already employed Josh Applebaum and Andre Nemec to write the screenplay for the film. Abrams is still really pumped up about the script for the new film.

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