Kevin Costner has certainly gone of the radar the last couple of years. After his hugely unsuccessful films like Waterworld and The Postman who will really put money on his efforts. He will be acting and directing once again in another film. He still pushed forward couple of years ago in Open Range. This man really works hard on his film. Then there is the Oscar winning Dances with Wolves. There is still hope with him.

He will be getting back on to the director’s chair once again for A Little War of Our Own. The film will be scripted by Dan Gordon. It centers on a Sheriff who has to try and keep a town from exploding into violence. The story is set during the World War II. Costner will be the sheriff, but perhaps more interesting is another role that is yet to be cast.

Costner has been pitching this story out to studios for a while. Costner will make something out of all of this. He is really persevering on his projects. I absolutely loved his work on The Company Men.