Third Batman to be called Dark Knight Rises

Christopher Nolan is into the casting process to the final chapter in the Batman franchise.

This will be interesting follow up to the powerful end to the previous film in the series directed by Christopher Nolan. But it will not be able take up the mantle of the previous one. The third movie is officially called The Dark Knight Rises. It will be the epic conclusion to the great superhero.

Nolan was also quick to confirm few other things about the project. There will be no 3D rendering of the project. The film will focus on the technology of HD and IMAX cameras instead. The villain Riddler will not appear in the film. There will also be an absence of Harvey Dent in this film also.

Nolan is right now looking out for a female lead in the new film. Hugo Strange and Catwoman will be two characters on the top of the list. Tom Hardy also has a yet undisclosed role in the film. So there is a chance for Marion Cotillard to get a role in this film.

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