Soderberg’s final say on the Moneyball issue

Steven Soderbergh on the Moneyball.

steven-soderbergh-09-5-22So with the Moneyball finally out of theway. Steven Soderberg seems to be in a retrospection mood. The main issue for pulling the plug on the film was the budget and script issues.

Another bit of news was the early retirement plans of the director. This piece of news has sort of not gone down well many of the industry folks. But the dust seems to have settled with the issue. So he was waiting for the chance to tell his side of the story to Vanity Fair.

“There have been a couple of times in my career where I’ve been unceremoniously removed from projects. I don’t waste a lot of energy on it,” he told the Orlando Sentinel. “It doesn’t get you anywhere. As soon as it became clear that there was no iteration of that movie that I was going to get to direct, I immediately started looking around for something else to do. I have a couple of other things in development that I had hoped to move up, but actor’s schedules wouldn’t allow it. But I have something I can get to after the first of the year, and I’m supposed to do my Liberace movie next summer. So my attitude when something like that happens is, ‘What’s next?’ You can’t dwell on it.”

After all that is behind us. Steven Soderbergh is not set to shoot Liberace next summer. So he is surely going to rest it out till then. But he surely has the promotional work on his next film The Informant. There is also the news surfacing about ‘The Limey sequel’. The Limey was one of the most well shot movies that came out around the time when the hyper popular Memento which brazed the same issue with more style. There are also talks about a musical starring Catherine Zeta jones called Cleo.

So with so much to look forward to from him, we just hope he does not burn out like he predicts. Till then there will be lots to talk about in the coming years. Keep your comments coming on this latent issue?

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