18697915_w434_h_q80The Private Lives of Pippa Lee is a low budget fare that with a lot of high mindedness. Rebecca miller the director of the film has taken some time to chalk up this movie with a really interesting cast. The film gets into the life of Robin Wright Penn a woman who seems to wish for more in her life at almost every stage. The film is laced with some interesting supporting roles like Alan Arkin, Julliane Moore, and the ever surprising Blake Lively.

Robin Wright Penn plays the title character as a dormant wife who had her hey days. Now she seems to play the role of the wife of charismatic book publisher Alan Arkin. Blake Lively also has interesting part as the younger Pippa Lee. She seems to shine in this project.

The film seems to be laced with some interesting characters like Keanu Reeves who plays the awkward neighbor who stays with his mother after his divorce. Pippa Lee falls for him like some budding teenagers. This surely going to be one of those serious minded low budget affairs and is surely going to make the fall preview season. Here is a video of some clips from the movie and some commentary. You guys can check this while we keep on looking out for this film.