Sam Mendes to direct Carey Mulligan

Sam Mendes gets another shot at marriage for his next film.

His last films did not really come up to the mark. The adaptation of Revolutionary Road could have something so much but the limitations of working in a studio format and also dense book might be the main reasons for the failure for that. Then there was a small film which didn’t make a single sound. It was too light to even think about. Sam Mendes seems to be saturated.

Sam Mendes has dropped out from Preacher and even from James Bond because of financial situations. So there has been a lot happening in his life in the past year. So it will be good to see him take some rest. Now he is probably going away from all of that trying to adapt another Ian McEwan novel On Chesil Beach. I just hope unlike Revolutionary Road he does not get into an indulgent mood and looses all signs of substances.

Some of the most powerful films have come out from Ian McEwan’s writings. So this will be the first time that the author will be adapting his own novel which is a great sign. Richard Yates should have been alive for something as great as this to happen. It tells the story about a young honeymooning couple in the early 1960s, and their hopes and fears over the upcoming consummation of their marriage.

The cast is still not finalized. But there is hope that Carey Mulligan might join the better half of the couple in the film. She will play a young violinist. It will be a chance for him to get another shot at marriage. So we are hoping that Sam will be third time lucky this time. The new film will have a lot of explicit scenes. So the right actress for the film will surely be needed.

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