Ryan Gosling gets a date for All Good Things

All Good Things is going to be a winner all the way if it plays its cards right.

Magnolia Pictures finally picks up the Ryan Gosling starring picture All Good Things. It is directed by Andrew Jarecki. It is going to be a dramatic murder mystery that was supposed to be released by the Weinsteins, but went back to the filmmaker.

Magnolia Pictures had asked us to take it down.

Finally Magnolia will be distributing the film. It is expected to hit theaters sooner than before. The first film by the director Andrew Jarecki will be released along the same month another Sundance hit starring Ryan Gosling will be released called Blue Valentine.

The film is written by Marcus Hinchey, Marc Smerling and Jarecki. It unlocks the mystery of a unique man who could have had it all. It is set against the extravagance and excess of New York City in the 80s. David Marks played by Gosling, is the son of a powerful real estate tycoon and he marries a beautiful working class student Katie played by Kirsten Dunst. They flee the city together for an idyllic country life in Vermont. But soon David is lured back to his dad’s business. But as Katie gets back to her old life she goes back to med school and begins to make a life of her own. She soon becomes increasingly independent. David slowly turns violent and controlling. Katie disappears without a trace and bit by bit family secrets get revealed.

After couple of years, Katie’s best friend also turns up dead. A struggling cop and an eager reporter team together to reopen the unsolved case. David is now the prime suspect. The secrets get revealed to a disturbing end.

This film will be one of the highlights of this year. It might just pull of something from under the spring of Fall releases.

Source: Ioncinema

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