ridleyAnother vampire adaptation is in the works but this time Ridley Scott might helm this project. John Logan will be adapting this one to the screen. The film will be based on Jordan Ainsley’s The Passage. The last time John Logan and Ridley Scott teamed up they created magic with Gladiator.

Fox purchased the film rights for the trilogy by giving a huge buy out for the adaptation. The finished novel is still not released and the writer is a total outsider. But there was a huge bidding for his book after they just read the first couple of pages. The final book will be released soon with 1200 pages and 3.75 million publishing rights.

The story is described as a futuristic fable about death row inmates transformed into vampires by government spawned virus. This is one hell of a story. I can see the after affects of 28 days later and I am Legend type mash up. According to Variety, “terminally ill patients become healthy after they are bitten by bats in South America, and the government conducts secret tests on human subjects to see if the virus can cure illness. The result is an apocalyptic unleashing of bloodthirsty vampire test subjects that include death row inmates.”

But this film surely needs a better scriber to take this to the next level. It is surely going to be something with Ridley Scott taking this project up. But with his work on Robin Hood almost done, The Passage will be the most expected movie for quite sometime now.