Review: The Informant is Weirdly Entertaining

Matt Damon gives one of his best performances ever.

Matt Damon in The Informant

This is one of the most oddly entertaining films of the year. Matt Damon has pulled off one of his best performance of his career that too by looking over thirty pounds over-weight. The Informant is all about Matt Damon and he carries all the expectations of this movie on his shoulders and he does not disappoint. This is the story of the most unreliable and dishonest man you will ever come across.

The film is set in Illinois and it takes place from the early 90’s to 2002. Mark Whitacre (Matt Damon) is well off, a married family man who is hard working and successful in his job at ADM. He considers himself to be very intelligent and plans to be the top dog in the company some day. So, smartly he begins to make up stories and lies and tries to deceive the company by giving information to the FBI. The problems begin when the FBI thinks that Mark Whitacre is doing the right thing, when hes actually lying to them.

Matt Damon is soo believable as Mark Whitacre and thats the important thing. He narrates the movie also with such confidence and so much belief at the fact that he is doing the right thing to expose the company of price fixing as well ensuring that he gets a promotion to basically run the company. What follows is the number of lies Mark had to tell to conceal his previous lies and it goes on till a breaking point.

Steven Soderbergh has told a true story in the most entertaining way possible. Maybe, he didn’t have to make it entertaining as the character Matt Damon played was a person like that. He seemed so natural and so convincing that we begin to believe in what he does until we find out that hes been more of an idiot than anything else. It’s a story told in the best possible manner and Soderbergh deserves credit for it. His direction and overall presentation of the corruption in the company was prefect. Matt Damon has really matured into a fine actor and this movie shows enough evidence of it. Its a must watch for sure.

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