Red Riding: The Year of our Lord 1983

The final film leaves the investigation and takes us into the infinite abyss of crime and criminals.

Now for the closing book of this series, I’m really not sure if I want this to end. It is a world that this writer has created and cinema has sort of delved into. The power of the book really surpasses the needs and limitation of the medium. We are really witnessing a rewrite of history in form and substance. David Peace has spent time fashioning this world. He has given a whole lot of his time and life into creating a structure which will certainly suck you in.

There is another series that is surely one of the greatest crime dramas of all time The Wire. This series does take a lot of notes and influences from the former. But it doesn’t work as a carbon copy of the Wire. There are certainly loads of influences that keep this one in the running for greatness.

In this film the Ripper and the older killings of the children come head on. Here we are introduced by a dejected lawyer who has lost himself into the vicious circles of the system. The laziness of the main protagonist is what makes this one the most endearing of all the three. The other character is the remorseful cop who can’t help thinking about all the corruption infested in his department. These two will eventually cross paths but it will take time.

One of the most memorable characters throughout the series is BJ. His swan song is written in this last chapter of the series. BJ is one of those characters who will never get out this world created by the society itself. The prejudices panic and embarrassments of some top officials is curtailed by the existence of such characters like BJ. Who is to blame for this rat that seeped into everyday households? Who can be held accountable for these crimes? Will there ever be justice in this town.

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The character threads are sometimes cut abruptly to make sure we have lot more to imagine. There is also the influence of the late painter Francis Bacon on several of the images in this film. It seems the writer fashioned his stories based on the harrowing images by Francis Bacon. The previous films are very selective in the time provided for each character. But least calculated in the last of the franchise, letting stories to build on its own, giving us more time to digest the thought process behind each character’s mannerism. Every movie can also be seen on their own merit.

Each and every one of these film has a hidden agenda. A hidden agenda which might eventually solve parts of the crime certainly not all of it. But the crimes are used as a study of human nature and surprises that it can bring to us. They are not miracles but just buffers of hope entrusted to some. There is a meaning to all this carnage. A meticulous study on crime is something that has taken its time to arrive in the shore of UK. But now here it is in all its form and mastery.



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