Parnoid Hitman makes a blast in Accident

Accident is surely going to get your heart racing.

accidentOne of the surprises at the Toronto Festival should be the moody The Accident. It is one of those moody, subverted films to come out this year. It does not echo the awkwardness of Memories of Murder. The film is collaboration between Hong Kong filmmakers Soi Cheange and Johnnie To.

The film featured at Venice to huge acclaim and fan buzz. The film seems to feature very little action and more to do the vertigoish nature of the protagonist. The film is surely going to make splash in the upcoming weeks with festivals coming soon.

The film tells the story of a team people who go one creating perfect murders. The main leader goes by Brain. But these elaborate murders are actually staged accidents. Their next mission goes astray when one of their crew members is killed. So they begin to follow the client who leads them to other players.

The film pushes itself into a paranoid man who can’t really come to terms to whatever is happening around. He begins to mistrust everyone around him till it reaches the breaking point. But this is surely classic case of The Conversation meeting the powerful anime Death Note. I think will get fanboys jumping on to this one like wild cats. It is surely one of those puzzles we would love to fit but to hazardous consequences.

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