New Pics: Kristen Stewart in the Rileys

Kristen Stewart works on her next independent role.

Here are a couple more images from the independent drama Welcome to Rileys starring Kristen Stewart, James Gandolfini and Melissa Leo. It premiered at the Sundance this year and got some good raves. But most of the praise was lavished on the performances.

Here is a synopsis

It tells the story about finding hope in unusual places. A happily married and loving couple, Doug and Lois Riley have grown quite apart after losing their teenage daughter eight years prior. After a while, Doug leaves his wife for a business trip to New Orleans, Doug meets a 17 year old runaway played by Kristen Stewart. The two of them start a platonic relationship. But with the help of this teenager the couple begin to reconcile with each other.

The film Welcome to the Rileys is directed by Jake Scott and is based on the script by Ken Hixon. The film is expected to hit theaters on November 5 th 2010. The images above just show Kristen Stewart‘s character. Stewart plays the runaway stripper who meets up with Doug played by Gandolfini.

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