Sensibility has been debated about for years. We have several directors who use it to create a visual language. It also has an acquired taste associated with it. Some use it to reach a larger following. There are other who look for different ways of imposing tuning it. Some directors also think that sensibility holds a direct relation to a tonal balance. They want to share this comparability to the viewers but at times fail to create a new frontier. A polarizing one that needs to prevented from being showcased.

Moonrise Kingdom is one of the finest Wes Anderson movies in recent times. It still has not gone where it needs to.

What is that you may call?

The absurdity is in the commonplace.

Deadpan Humor used to control the narrative.

Those magnificent costumes appear to standout. Ah yes those beautiful costumes and decor!

Lack of redefinition of what he does best is what takes this film nowhere. I love his work all of it. The hard ones like Fantastic Mr Fox and Bottle Rocket works in enriched spaces and times. There is also Darjeeling Limited that has a place in my shelves. This new film felt as it was a Wes Anderson film forced down my throat. It is certainly an admirable thing, but it gave me a rough stomach, but there is still a lot to understanding here.

A story about a boy from scout camp who falls for a girl living on the same island. The two of them hatch an unconventional idea of escaping the towns people. While the whole town sleeps through the night. Little do they know what pain is brewing in the background. The children are in the center of things, and they are trying to get their various urges and sexuality. The family get out of character, and a lot of their secrets spill out when they find out about her escape.

The film has many newcomers into the Wes Anderson’s world, and all of them develop deeply into it. Edward Norton who takes care of the camp is suddenly entrusted to look out for the boy and by the looks of it totally surprised. His characterization is also given a set of gentleness. Tilda Swinton also comes and steals a lot of scenes. The rest of the star cast including oldtimers like Bill Murray are truly given beautifully etched absurd character and seem to be having a lot of fun. It is still puzzling, but it is in the details like I have reiterated myself that a lot is lost.

The other thing that most of you will see are the books that the little girl reads. The have all been handcrafted, and all of the lines read out by her have been carefully written by Wes Anderson. The detailing is endless but is this all purposeful. So this time, around Wes Anderson kind of lost it for me.