Michael Winterbottom explains the violence in his film

Michael Winterbottom some of the violence in his latest offering.


There has been huge amount of negative sentiment after the screening of The Killer Inside Me. The film was directed by Michael Winterbottom and it stars Casey Affleck, Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson. The film has been described on par with movies like Irreversible and Antichrist.

Now Winterbottom has spoken about the controversy in the film. It started during a Q&A session a woman shouted. “I don’t understand how Sundance could book this movie. How dare you? How dare Sundance?” The ‘you’ she addressed was director Michael Winterbottom, who gamely proceeded with the question session.

Here is what Winterbottom had to say about the whole fiasco.

The violence is shocking in the book and it’s shocking in the film. It’s not a police procedural. The story is being told by someone who’s crazy. The story is the way he tells it and sees it, not the way it happened. The film has no sense of pleasure in the violence.

Anne Thompson also found out from the director.

The audience didn’t understand that when they watch this shocking violence, Casey is not the hero where the audience gets off on it. It should be shocking and brutal.

Winterbottom has got the idea behind the staging of the violence totally. The original novel is not the kind of prose that needs to loved and enjoyed. The American audiences are too puritan to get this. An idea of violence should be with a little more sensuality. Violence is not like that. What Michael Winterbottom tried to show was something really thought provoking and necessary?

The director’s idea was to make sure Casey Affleck’s character has a innocent demeanor. But this was to point out the fact that there is a Killer inside each one of us waiting to break out.

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