Meryl plays mother of Tina Fey

Meryl Streep is working hard on her career even with her golden age.

Tina Fey is just attached to play the daughter of Meryl Streep. Stanley Tucci will be directing the film this time around. Meryl Streep has been having her eye on Tina Fey for sometime now. So it will be nice to see the two of them do some silly comedy.

It has been a year since I have not been following stars to their films. It is the film which needs to be followed. The film is called Mommy and Me and it is going to be a mother daughter comedy as expected. Tucci will also be producing the film.

Streep is a really on a hit wave in recent years. She has not worked too much on her craft like the earlier days. She seems to be having a lot of fun playing her characters. All this fun will get dizzy after a while. It is also clear now that even a silly script for Tina Fey can make it gold for her. She makes things work. So bringing the two together will be box office dynamite but dung for the minds.

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