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Joseph is right back at work He was seen cycling around in New York for his next film called Premier Rush. The film is a chase thriller directed by David Koepp.

The story follows a 20 something year old bike messenger who somehow gets involved in a chase across New York City. It is going to be a big budget chase film in the lines of the French Connection and stuff.

The film also features Michael Shannon as the villain. He plays an affable cop with a violent temper. The film also stars Jamie Chung as Joseph’s girl in this one. She will be a daredevil bike messenger who helps him outwit the cop.

David Koepp is known for his small films like Stir Of Echoes and Ghost Town which have been cult favorites. He is also has a lot of screen credit with movies like Toy Soldiers, Jurassic Park, Carlito’s Way, Panic Room and many others.

Premier Rush is written by both him and John Kamps. It will be something to catch but will all the action it might be a mess.