Christopher Nolan has all the reason to smile with his Inception nestled nicely in the minds of the audience. He is now speed tracking plans for his next film Batman 3. The film will begin shooting next year in April which is a great time to start.

The film will be once again based on the story by David S.Goyer. So they have finalized on something. The scripting will probably take the whole year. It will be something really interesting to invest our time in.

Willy Pfister will be working with IMAX cameras for this one.

“Finally I had to tell Chris that the way he was describing the film, so much of it wanted to be with a handheld camera and kind of running around,” Pfister told MTV News in a recent interview. “That’s just not physically possible with the IMAX camera. We ruled out shooting in IMAX.”

So Willy is trying to get Christopher Nolan to make the whole film in IMAX which is a great prospect. They are not excited of 3D that is the main reason.