Javier Bardem offered a role in Bond

Javier Bardem has too many roles up for grabs after his recent Oscar nomination.

Javier Bardem seems to be getting a string of roles after a second Oscar nomination for the actor in Biutiful. He was almost set to star as the gunslinger Roland Deschain in Dark Tower. He is now also given a chance to star in the most prestigious franchise James Bond.

The most obvious role for the star will be the villain. There will be a lot of preparation by the actor on what kind of look will suit the character. The rest of the cast will be returning for the film including Judi Dench. The film will be directed by Sam Mendes who seems to have lost it ever since he made Revolutionary Road.

So he will be seen in both Dark Tower and the hopefully James Bond as well. His wife Penelope Cruz will also become a mother this year. The Dark Tower will be a big commitment for the star, but there is a chance he will pulled into this one.

The James Bond role will get him a new legion of fans, but does he need this is the question. We will be following this carefully and will report on finally which role the thespian will choose.

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