Helen Mirren to take on the role of Queen again

Helen Mirren and string of stars flock to the Indira Gandhi biopic.


The Oscar winner Helen Mirren is all set to take on the role of Queen Elizabeth II once again. She will be playing this role for the film titled Mother: The Indira Gandhi Story, a biopic about the Indian Prime Minister who was assassinated in 1984.

Tom Hanks and Tommy Lee Jones will also play their parts as Lyndon B.Johnson and Richard Nixon respectively. The cast even gets better with Emily Watson attached to play the formidable Margaret Thatcher. The film will be directed by Krishna Shah and calls it the project of his life. This kind of cast will really revolutionize this script. But the gap of who will be play the main character is still not sure. The film is expected to be released in 2010.

I think the news of Helen Mirren added to the cast will make the rest of the people turn up for this solemn biopic. An Indira Gandhi biopic is long overdue. Really getting tired watching those lame documentaries of her life: Time to make a great film.

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