Empire reveals Tron Covers

Tron Covers up for grabs

This is going to be an epic of sorts. The cult Disney film is finally coming out with a sequel. There were talks of this sequel since 1999. So it has taken 10 years for it to see the light of day. Jeff Bridges will be reprising his role as Flynn and he will be playing a major part in the proceedings of the sequel.

His son will be guiding the troops for this adventure. Flynn also has a secret he would like to reveal to his son in uncanny ways. But the whole look of this film is something what most people have been talking about. A very shallow depth of field to give it a very larger than life sort of fee: the world of Tron needs to be seen to be believed.

Loads of the readers are fans of the first movie so there will be a renewed interest in the series. There will also be a game released next year after the release in December this year. Check out the covers and give us your thoughts.

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