Steven spielberg will have to work overtime if he has to salvage something after Tin Tin. Not everyone has been happy with the work done on the film. Daniel Day Lewis has already been cast as the lead of the film. So there will be a lot of talk about this among bloggers. The casting is even better with the addition of David Strathairn into the mix of things.

The rest of the cast include Sally Field as Lincoln’s wife, Joseph Gordon Levitt as Lincoln’s son, Tommy Lee Jones as Thaddeus, there will also be a dozen other stars joining in to this film.

David Strathairn was a little late to this, but he will be playing the President’s Secretary of state. Seward was a passionate abolisionist and fiercely loyal to Lincoln as he served in his cabinet during the civil War. It will be nice to see the two great actors sharing the same screen for the first. Tell us what you think of these development. The Talking Films team is certainly excited about this.