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Darren Aronofsky has finally confirmed the next movie he will be doing after Black Swan. He will be doing the promotions for Black Swan right now and will be getting into the production of the new film once that is done.

The new film is Machine Man and is based on a manuscript by Max Barry and will be adapted for screen by Mark Heyman, who co wrote Black Swan for Aronofsky.

The film will be produced by Mandalay pictures. Here is a synopsis

Machine Man centers on a gadget geek and engineer at a forward thinking tech firm who is tired of going through life average and unnoticed and is also obsessed with his own self improvement. He decides to replace his weak fleshy parts with high end titanium performance upgrades of his own design but then find out other entities have designs on him for their own motives.

So there is a definite chance that he might walk out of the Wolverine 2 project. It is good sign for good cinema.