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liamneeson_juliannemoore_chloe-500x346The buzz is here for this movie. It has seemed to go down well with the critics don’t mind the clip. I guess it is from the poorer portions of the film. But the film seems to be getting flack for its performances by the ensemble that includes Julianne Moore, Amanda Seyfriend and Liam Neeson. Chloe is certainly going to be the must watches for this season.

The film has been commented for its style akin to the works of Bergman and Antonini. That is easily a clever mix and total resurgence for the director. But his lesser films like Adoration are also beaded with stark intellect. So it is not something for him to get bogged down about. The studios want to sort of upgrade him but for no reason I guess.

The story is about a doctor who hires an escort to seduce her husband. She suspects him of cheating on her. The film has makings of something greater from its lesser plot. You will have to leave it in the able hands of Atom Egoyan to make it work. Here is the clip after the jump.